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SCOPE is a pioneer as an advisor in the security world. We have been gaining experience and expertise in physical security since 1983. Our services are therefore very varied, flexible and sector-specific. Extra asset: we guarantee you a completely independent expertise.

Our team of experts consists of engineers and criminologists with field experience. All our employees have masters and bachelors in various disciplines.

“SCOPE is your independent partner for a pragmatic, cost-efficient security solution and operational support. Our focus? A fast and accurate implementation.”

Security culture

Security first

Doing business in a complete secure environment: it is the dream of every company. Security and fire safety are therefore high on the priority list: no unnecessary luxury in a world full of complex security challenges. Large or small, private or public, national or international: every organization faces the challenge of coping with security risks. The answer? SCOPE.

Concrete solutions

Tailormade security solutions to meet security challenges: that is what our customers look for and get. From audit to preliminary design to implementation: SCOPE guarantees the full implementation of your security solutions. Accurate and in line with the market, based on independent advice. Access control, fire protection, camera surveillance ... you will find an overview of all our solutions on the page: Our services.


Stronger together

Globalization, network technology, cybercrime, terrorism, natural disasters ... security is one of the most important problems in our society. SCOPE is fully aware of that and has taken the lead in the national scene of security and fire safety since 1983. SCOPE soon excelled as a pioneer in the field of security. Since 2017 we became part of the R&T Group, together with Robrechts & Thienpont. In 2018 Praetorian Engineering also joined the R&T Group. Each company exists as a separate entity with its own expertise. The focus of SCOPE: operational support and pragmatic and cost-efficient security solutions.

Safe choice

Whether you are an entrepreneur, security manager or prevention advisor, SCOPE independently searches for and finds the best security solution for you.
Security and fire safety engineers also benefit from SCOPE. We roll out the red carpet for experts with know-how in our niche, both in-house and freelance. This way there is always a strong and complementary team on hand with tons of experience in various disciplines.

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