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  • Concept

The to be developed concept has the main objective to form a first barrier around the to be secured building. A conceptual form of perimeter security has to consist out of a combination of means to delay (physical) and detect (electronic), in correlation with the concept of burglary protection.

The purpose of the solution is to signalize the staff and the security management in due time when a physical barrier has been crossed. Based on the knowledge of previous incidents a management system needs to be designed, so a prompt verification and intervention can commence.

The applicable security resources could be:

    • on the border of the site:
      • Electronical:
      • Fence detection
      • Verification of the detection
    • Physical:
      • fence
      • vehicle barriers
      • gates
      • barriers
      • road barriers
    • on the site:
      • Electronical:
        • Camera detection;
        • Motion detection;
        • Verification
      • Physical:
        • canals
        • barbed wire
        • plantation
  • Establish technical, functional and administrative specifications

Based on the retained preliminary design, SCOPE will draw up the complete specifications.
The installations that can, both technically as well as functionally, prove the suppositions, on which the concept and the pre-design were based, are described.

  • Preparation of the tender document

The overall technical and administrative document is complemented by SCOPE with the necessary implementation drawings, measurement statement, and bidding documents.
SCOPE assists the invited bidders with all information necessary to prepare their bid.  SCOPE accompanies them for a site visit, when necessary.

  • Evaluation of the bids

SCOPE assists the client in evaluating the received bids.
SCOPE prepares a detailed report for the client with a comparison evaluation of the various bids, and based on this, submits a recommendation for the to be selected.

  • Project approach


During the entire execution of the project, an intense cooperation between the client, SCOPE and the other partners in the project will be necessary..
The appropriate reporting of these contacts will be logged.

  • Follow-up of the activities
    • on explicit demand of the client, SCOPE will follow up the job activities that relate to the camera installation;
    • SCOPE will coordinate all job activities and will control all elements that relate to the camera installation;
    • SCOPE will check the progress logs that are submitted by the contractors who install the camera installation;
    • SCOPE will examine the submitted technical files;
    • on demand, SCOPE will be available for a weekly site meeting;
    • SCOPE will monitor the performance schedule.


  • Deliverances

SCOPE checks the activation of the installation and provides the client with detailed reports whether or not to proceed with the preliminary acceptance.

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