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  • Preparation of the tender document

    The overall technical and administrative document is complemented by SCOPE with the necessary implementation drawings, measurement statements, and bidding documents.

    SCOPE assists the invited bidders with all information necessary to prepare their bid.  SCOPE accompanies them for a site visit, when necessary

    SCOPE assists the client in evaluating the bids received. 
    SCOPE prepares a detailed report for the client with a comparison evaluation of the various bids, and based on this, submits a recommendation for the bid that should be selected.

    • Follow up on the work

    • SCOPE follows up on the job activities that relate to all protection measures.  This includes both the physical as well as the electronic measures.
      SCOPE coordinates all job activities that relate to the protection measures.

      SCOPE checks the progress logs that are submitted by the contractors

      • Acceptance

      • SCOPE checks the activation of the system and provides the client with detailed reports whether or not to proceed with the preliminary acceptance.

        If necessary, SCOPE will draft a list of possible additional tests that may be necessary to obtain the preliminary acceptance

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