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  • Research (analytical) phase

Generally, objects and/or values (material or immaterial) are subject to certain risks. It means that these objects/values can be damaged, sabotaged or stolen by external factors.
In order to protect important objects/values against such risks they can be developed in such a way that the risk is minimalized. On the other hand, these objects/values can be protected by using supplementary external security measures.

These supplementary external security measures can, to a certain extent, protect the objects/values to protect.

  • Strategic development

The coherence of the used resources is of great importance. A security solution is only as strong as its weakest link.

In an organization for instance a difference can be made between public zones, semi-public zones, zones for employees and high risk zones with limited access. Therefore, when developing a security system, the organization is subdivided into compartments where special attention is paid to the transition from one compartment to the other. This method of using different cordons simplifies the development of a coherent unit and avoids that some elements are overlooked.


  • Electronic means

Electronic means are an elementary supplement to organizational and constructive measures. Initially it should be able to detect as quickly as possible that something (abnormally) happens
With any kind of aggression one should initially be able to detect as quickly as possible that something abnormal is happening.

Therefore (electronic) detection elements are used.

Following electronic means can be distinguished:

    • detection systems: electronic system that gives a loud or still alarm in case of a detected attempt of aggression or a combination of fire/burglary. Detection systems can be used to detect burglary attempts, to inform emergency services or to scare aggressors;
    • cameras for verification, eventually foreseen of intelligent detection analysis;
    • access control systems: purpose: taking care of only providing access to particular persons to a specific area;

  • Physical means

The purpose of physical security resources consists of protecting specific objects/values or areas against specific risks such as burglary.
This protection means that the aggression is stopped, delayed or hindered, in order to gain time to perform an intervention that either will eliminate the risk itself (run in the aggressor), or will evacuate the object in order to deliberate it from the exposure to the risk.

In order to obtain optimal results, one can opt to build up a combination of different types of resistances. The fact is that each security device has strengths and weaknesses. The combination of different resistances increases the security level.

The coherence of the used resources is of great importance. It typically has no sense to secure one side of an important object and leave the other sides as they are. A security solution is only as strong as its weakest link.
In order to enable a consistent implementation of means it is appropriate to define zones and compartments
For each transition between those zones fundamental concepts can be drawn up.

The used security resources could be:

  • on the border of buildings and rooms:
    • walls
    • roofs
    • doors
    • locks
    • man traps walkways and swinging doors
  • in the rooms:
    • burglary and bullet proof doors
    • burglary and bullet proof windows
    • safes

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