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A security audit examines the existing security situation of an organization. The audit takes into account the risk exposures of the organization as well as the proposed security strategy.

Conceptual aspects, quality of materials, adequate layout and execution, functional possibilities, level of integration, security manpower and procedural and organizational elements are exhaustively examined and evaluated by SCOPE.

Should the results of the audit indicate that the current measures are not adequate to achieve a security level in accordance with the proposed strategy, SCOPE will then propose solutions that will achieve the required goals.  These solutions are presented in draft format with corresponding pro-forma cost estimates.
When considering security measures in an existing building or site, all elements (existing security solutions and/or those affecting security) should be taken into account.

ing te houden met alle elementen die op het vlak van beveiliging reeds bestaan of er een invloed op kunnen hebben.

  • Inventory of the current security measures

Generally, there are three kinds of measures that can be taken:

    • electronic measures (detection);
    • constructive/mechanical measures (resistance);
    • organisational measures.

In each of these categories, SCOPE will examine the already available elements, and will determine their strengths and weaknesses.

    • For the electronic measures, their effectiveness with regard to their location, how people react in case of an alarm as well as their cohesion with the other means are examined.
    • Taking into account the assets and the retained types of aggressions, the effectiveness and the quality of the physical elements (doors, windows, …) will be examined in function of the probability of occurrence and the anticipated intervention time after detection.
    • Organisational measures regarding the security aspects will also be examined.

  • Evaluation of the means in relation to the risks

    This part of the audit examines whether the present means are sufficient to deal successfully with the retained types of aggressions, taking into account the defined strategy.

    SCOPE will propose alternative security solutions at a preliminary design level should the results of the evaluation indicate that the current available means are not sufficient to reach a satisfactory level of security.  A rough cost estimate will be given for each alternative.
    Considering the retained strategic objectives, each alternative will also be evaluated and compared with the other alternatives.

    A flawless security system is always a combination of the three aforementioned categories that complement each other.  SCOPE refers to this concept as an integrated security solution.

    • First, (unusual) occurrences should be detected with (electronic) detection elements. 
    • Secondly, a physical resistance should be created by means of mechanical and constructive measures. 
    • Finally, one should act if a positive detection has been generated and physical resistance exists.  Organisational elements and procedures belong in this category.

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