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  • In general

An access control system controls all forms of access. These forms of access can include classic doors, gates, windows, barriers, as well as other forms of access.

  • Purpose
    • taking care of only providing access to authorised persons and on the other side, the recognition and reporting of attempts of illegal access;
    • taking care of only providing access to authorised persons
  • Project approach

Risk analysis

  • Risk identification
    • Inventory of all tangible and intangible assets.
    • Examination of all possible aggressions (types and means) to which these assets may be exposed.

This information provides answers to the question:
Against what kind of aggression one needs to be protected.

  • Risk -evaluation
    • Classification of the identified risks in decreasing order of importance.
    • Two parameters play a crucial role in this context:
        • probability of occurrence and
        • severity of the expected loss.

      Security strategy

      Defining a security strategy comes down to finding an answer to the question: “What measures (and to what extent) should be taken to decrease the risk level?”
      SCOPE will prepare a well-balanced mix of the four basic ways of dealing with risks:

        • reduce the risks;
        • assume the risks;
        • transfer the risks or their consequences;
        • avoid the risks.

       Access control security concept

        • division of the site/building into zones of different security level
        • definition of access to each zone
        • definition of the users of the access:
        • employees
        • limited part of employees
        • visitors
        • third parties (maintenance, …)
        • suppliers
        • ...
        • definition of the elements to control: for each access
        • pedestrians
        • pedestrians with bicycle
        • cars
        • trucks
        • goods
        • definition of the direction to control
        • controlled in/free out
        • controlled in/controlled out
        • free in/controlled out
        • free in/free out depending on the aspect ‘time’
        • purpose of the security concept
        • determination where, when, who and what has to be controlled
      • Automated access control


      • Standalone : reading and evaluation on local level
      • Advantages
              • Failure of 1 reader has no influence on the other readers
              • Response time
              • reduced cabling
      • Disadvantages
              • separate programming
              • only access authorisation
              • cost of the reader
              • no historical data
      • Online : reading on local level, evaluation on central level
      • Advantages
              • centralised programming and management
              • access control – alarm management
              • cost of the reader
              • historical data of movements and alarms
      • Disadvantages
              • in case of failure central system: total failure of access control
              • response time
              • cabling
              • cost of central system
      • Distributed : reading and evaluation on local level, alarms and movements on central level
      • Advantages
              • centralised programming and management
              • access control – alarm management
              • historical data of movements and alarms
              • failure of central system only influences online alarm management
              • response time
              • failure of 1 reader has no influence on other readers
      • Disadvantages
              • cost (readers and central system)
              • cabling


      • Selection criteria
        • Forgery-proof
        • Reliable
        • User-friendly
        • Cost
      • Card technology
        • Proximity
        • Mifare
        • Hands-free
        • Biometric
        • Keypad
        • ...
        • System requirements
      • Physical constructional aspects
        • doors
        • windows
        • walkway
        • man trap
        • lock for materials
        • gates
        • barriers
        • road blocks
        • lock for vehicles
      • Organisational aspects
        • system maintenance/management
        • daily maintenance/management

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